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Zone 22



Certified ATEX Cat 3G / D  Zone 2 and 22  by  CENTREXPERT.

This range of ATEX lamps is available in different models according to your uses (consult us for more information).

This lighting system for construction sites in ATEX zones is one of the most efficient on the market; and this thanks to its LED  sustainable technology.

  • A very long service life, without maintenance and with energy savings thanks to the its LED bulbs

  • The best light output on the market & nbsp; 166lm / W

  • Allows an energy saving of 70% compared to the neon

  • Excellent resistance to shock and vibration

  • A pleasant working light thanks to this its regular spectrum and color rendering

  • Available in  three voltages: 48 V and 110 - 230 V (works in various countries with different electric voltages)

  • Simple installation without a qualified electrician

  • Constant light with immediate on