Who ARE WE is a platform for qualified advertisements targeted at ATEX.
It offers advertisements for components, equipment, machines and services only in the ATEX field.

  • More than 30 product categories only ATEX
  • From the simple component "& nbsp; Ex & nbsp;" to the ATEX certified machine, is the most complete of the ATEX platforms
  • Detailed announcements showing all the characteristics of the ATEX product

A dedicated ATEX platform

Tradatex is the first complete platform offering a set of ATEX-only solutions.

If you are an ADVERTISER, thanks to, your products are no longer buried in the mass of standard products. The Client searches and finds only ATEX.

If you are a PURCHASER, the search for specific ATEX Products and Services is often long or even tedious, random for uncertain results. So that you no longer spend your time looking, but finding! Bookmark

Personalized Support is a platform developed by Centrexpert, the expert specialist in modifications for ATEX.

If you are an ADVERTISER, do not hesitate to contact us for personalized information on how to integrate your Products on

If you are a BUYER, we are at your service to inform you about the characteristics of the Products and their use

Suitability for your request

If you are an ADVERTISER, offers tailor-made packages tailored to your needs.

Depending on whether you have 1,10,100 products, your request is not the same! We adapt to provide you with the best offer.

If you are a BUYER, and if you are not familiar with ATEX, with particular specifications and designations, we help you build your demand, and to ensure your sourcing.




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